Lost Spells of Canthar - 10 Necromancies

by Lost Spheres Publishing

Lost Spheres Publishing



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Lost Spells of Canthar - 10 Necromancies

"Caragdhis took his master's research into the magic of fear one step further with this spell. Within hours of its unveiling, the dweomer was banned within the walls of the city..."

Lost Spells of Canthar - 10 Necromancies introduces the power of a new Lost Sphere and brings your the necromancies of the Sorcerers of Canthar! 10 new spells to unleash the secrets of Lost Canthar's masters of death and spirit, bone and terror!

Spells Include:

  • Dead Watcher - Force corpses become your secret spies.
  • Ride the Dead - Slide into the ranks of the undead and use their forms as your own.
  • Terrify - Paralyze your enemies with mind breaker fear.
  • Touch Channel - Forge a link of spiritual energy to allow allies to deliver your spells.
  • Turn the Tables - Reveal the powers of Reverse Possesion.

And five more!