Magical Items Vol. One

by Terran Empire Publishing

Terran Empire Publishing



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy Magic Items Treasure

Magical Items Vol. One

Terran Empire Publishing is proud to bring you the first of many collections of new and unique magical items for use with the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Volume One includes 12 new magical wondrous items for GMs to add to their campaigns and random treasure tables:

  • Amulet of Amplified Emotion
  • Amulet of Fiend Protection
  • Amulet of Lycanthrope Protection
  • Boots of Deception
  • Boots of Stomping
  • Caltrops of Wounding
  • Evergreen Cloak
  • Gown of Disguise
  • Horn of Bronze Dragon Control
  • Mask of Devil Control
  • Pipe of Controlling Winds
  • Quartermaster's Chest