Medical Pack: A Micro-Sourcebook for Otherverse America

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: campaign setting d20/OGL Modern sci-fi Space

Medical Pack: A Micro-Sourcebook for Otherverse America

Otherverse America is a unique campaign setting in that one of the character options available to players is the Neo-Witch Midwife, a cybernetically enhanced combination of priestess and obstetrician. The Midwife character class is a futuristic abortion provider, and given her prominent place in the core rulebook, a character I fully expect to have a place in most gaming groups running the setting.

The Midwife is priestess, she is a moving target, she is a post-human cyborg... .she is an abortion provider, which means whatever else she is, she is a physician.

One thing above all else, doctors need tools.

This micro-sourcebook for the Otherverse America campaign setting includes new medical equipment, drugs, skill kits and feats with combat medics and surgical experts in mind.