Miscellany Memorandum: Food & Drink

by Matt Tuozzo's Magicland

Matt Tuozzo's Magicland



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Miscellany Memorandum: Food & Drink

Miscellany Memorandum is a series of short supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each supplement covers a specific facet of gameplay; whether it’s a new prestige class, rules for magic item crafting, lists of long forgotten spells, or any of a dozen other topics – Miscellany Memorandum has new and exciting options for you!

Today’s topic: food and drink! Even the greatest of heroes needs to eat (unless you’re undead or a construct or something), and what better way to celebrate a victory than a cool beverage at your favorite tavern? Sadly, these two activities are often dismissed to the realm of the mundane – but no more! With this book you can explore many exciting new food and drink options.