Monster Brief: Yet More Monster Mods

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



Tags: Monsters/Enemies Savage Worlds

Monster Brief: Yet More Monster Mods

Get more mileage out of your Savage Worlds monsters with Monster Brief: Yet More Monster Mods.

Monster mods allow Gamemasters to quickly modify an existing bestiary entry to present a specific type of variation with new and altered abilities. Each mod includes the sort of creatures it is and is not appropriate for, suggested game genres, and mandatory and optional abilities to provide even more customization. A sample modified creature is provided for each mod.

In this product, you will find:

  • The alpha helps build a stronger, more commanding leader for creatures operating in social groups. Sample Creature: big alpha ogre.
  • The behemoth mod is used to create much larger examples of a given creature. Sample Creature: robust behemoth goblin warrior.
  • The multi-headed mod makes it easy to attack more heads to a creature, including how that grants additional bite attacks and awareness. Sample Creature: multi-headed mature silver dragon.
  • The plagued mod is for creating creatures that spread disease wherever they go. Sample Creature: plagued corpse golem.

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Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.