Multiclass Archetypes: Divine Champions

by Multiclass Productions

Multiclass Productions



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Multiclass Archetypes: Divine Champions

Multiclass Archetypes: Divine Champions

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This is the first in a series of FREE PDFs which are the culmination of years of work by fans of the Pathfinder RPG.

Multiclassing is one of the great traditions of fantasy roleplaying games and has resulted in a multitude of archetypical combinations. From the deadly rogue/wizard to the synergistic ranger/cleric, multiclassing allows a character to focus on a primary class while taking another, granting them the ability to more effectively deal with challenges. However, through traditional multiclassing, a character must slow his level advancement and ability progression in one class to gain levels and their subsequent abilities in a new class. Although many players find the idea of multiclassing appealing, some do not like the necessity of sacrificing the efficacy of certain abilities from their primary class to gain those of another class. In that spirit, by using multiclass archetypes, characters can retain primary features from their primary class without compromising their potency, while exchanging less desirable class features for those from a secondary class. The multiclassing character only gains abilities from their secondary class in part, and not at their full potency like they would if they had selected that class as their primary class.

This PDF contains rules for creating Multiclass Archetypes, as well as 19 example Multiclass Archetypes based around Divine casters. There are also new Cleric Domains, Rogue Talents, Feats, and even a new monster Template, all of which complement the archetypes presented in this book.

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