Mysteries of the Tengu Road: Yamabushi, the Sublime Transmuter

by Zombie Sky Press

Zombie Sky Press



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Mysteries of the Tengu Road: Yamabushi, the Sublime Transmuter

Love transmutation magic? Interested in playing a character dedicated to only one school of magic? Even more specialized than a specialist wizard, the yamabushi can only ever cast transmutation spells. But they can cast any transmutation spell, whether arcane or divine.

Choose from five paths to follow: razor wind, starry eye, primal dream, trying steel, or makers hand. Each path presents a different approach to transmutation magic.

Yamabushi seek nothing short of perfectionin both body and soul. They seek to transmute themselves into an ideal, to realize their truest potential, to unlock the secrets buried within, to understand themselves. They learn to control their bodies through intense training that incorporates spiritual discipline and mystic knowledge. They learn to channel transmutation magicboth arcane and divinethrough their mastery of themselves. The precise nature of their devotion can differ, hence the different paths, but their quest for change is paramount.

More than just the class, a new PC race is presented that is deeply tied to the yamabushi. The daitengu are the fey cousins of the kotengu (or tengu) you all know and love. Play a daitengu yamabushi today!

In this book, youll find:

  • Yamabushi base class, focused on transmutation magic
  • 5 paths to choose from for your yamabushi
  • More than 40 contemplations/revelations for use with yamabushi and oracles
  • Daitengu PC race: fly on raven wings!
  • Stats for the iconic daitengu yamabushi (complete with a new weapon)

Mysteries of the Tengu Road brings you a new character class. One devoted to transmutation magic. Choose your path and the unique special abilities that come with each. Adapted from the oracle class, the yamabushis contemplations are interchangeable with the oracles revelations, giving you more than 40 new abilities to give either your yamabushi or oracle.

Mysteries of the Tengu Road: Yamabushi, the Sublime Transmuter is a high quality, full-color, web-optimized, 16-page pdf from Zombie Sky Press bundled with a stripped-down, printer-friendly version. It uses the Open Game License and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License. It is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and standard 3.5E fantasy RPGs.

Design by Scott Gable; Illustration by Crystal Frasier and Ashton Sperry; Editing by Micheal McArtor.