Champions of Magic

by Little Red Goblin Games

Little Red Goblin Games



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Champions of Magic

A Mage Like No Other!

Not every mage wears robes, a pointy hat, and carries a staff. What a colorless world it would be if everyone's color spray was the same rainbow!


Mages are an ambitious, adventurous, imaginative, and quite frankly- a vain lot.

It's unsurprising then that many seek to develop their own unique styles of spellcraft.

Some study the intricacies of a single spell while others pioneer the magic's of space & time. Still others attempt to subjugate fell powers beyond mortal reckoning.

Presented within the pages of this tome are various champions of magic who have carved for themselves a unique place in the history of the arcane arts.


  • 17 pages of Mage-Themed Goodness!
  • The hex-casting, weapon morphing, Wytchblade!
  • Pick a few spells and become a GOD with them with the Maven prestige class!
  • Control time & space with the Time Traveler prestige class! (Even roll back time!)