Equinox [Min-Campaign Setting]

by Little Red Goblin Games

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Equinox [Min-Campaign Setting]

Campaign Inspirations

This will be our 2nd "Campaign Inspiration" (Our first was "Of Angels and Demons"). They are relatively cheap, short, imaginative, inspirations for a campaign setting. Less detailed than a full campaign book, they leave room for a GM to take the concept and run with it as they see fit.

Welcome to Azrin

Equinox is set on the plane of Azrin. Azrin is the resulting amalgam of two planes of existence brought together by a cataclysmic event known as 'The Equinox'. This event brought about the destruction of the gods of both planes and threw the plane into chaos. The plane of Azrin now has two year cycles that govern which of the two planes is dominant. This change is represented by a change in seasons. Each of the four seasons is one year long. During the spring and summer, the plane and most of its inhabitants are in a peaceful, good-aligned state. The world is similar to a Grimm fairy tale or high fantasy setting. During the fall and winter, though, the plane becomes overwhelmingly evil and every moment is a struggle for survival. This is more akin to a dying earth or pulp barbarian setting. During these savage seasons, normally peaceful races like elves and gnomes are perverted into ghastly forms.

Special Mechanics

In Equinox there are new 'seasonal' mechanics. A character is either in a 'springblessed' state or a 'wintertouched' state. A springblessed state is the state the character is in during the two years of spring and summer. Likewise, a wintertouched state is the state the character is in during the two years of fall and winter where the evil plane rules. Certain spells and effects can artificially induce what state a character is in (example: A barbarian can throw himself into his wintertouched state during the spring and summer by going into a rage!). This change is sudden and drastic, with flesh morphing and stretching almost instantly.


  • New 'Seasonal' Mechanics
  • 2 New Player Races
  • 7 Season Shifting Races (CRB Variants)
  • All 9 Base Classes with Seasonal Mechanics
  • 7 New Feats
  • 4 New Spells