Heroes of the West

by Little Red Goblin Games

Little Red Goblin Games




Heroes of the West


Out in the west, they say there are a thousand stories.

A few of them belong to those who make their own path. Many are tales of battle, sneaking and finding, or seeing all we've worked for crumbling to dust. But those who pull themselves out of the pitfalls, those who fight even a losing battle, and those who make mountains out of molehills. Those are the stories that people remember.


* Brave: A native warrior who uses honor and cunning to outdo foes.

* Jaguar Warrior: A ferocious combatant who takes on their totem's form in a furious rampage.

* Painted Rider: A mounted outrider using their bond with nature to bear down on their enemies.

* Conquistador: A merciless mercenary who adapts to their enemies and stifles empathy for profit.

* Spirit Walker: A naturalist whose close bond with an animal gives them insight into the world around them.

* Cowboy: A.K.A Vaquero, this gunslinger specializes in mounted combat and trick riding.

* Mountain Man: A wilderness expert who lives by the words 'desperate times call for desperate measures.'

* Vigilante: A watchdog who's been forced to watch too much bites back. The vigilante serves out justice, no matter whose clothing the villain wears.