Necropunk Campaign Setting

by Little Red Goblin Games

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Necropunk Campaign Setting


Play a complex, deep, political, world where shaolin monks with bone knives fight 11 ft. tall 2 ton bone golems at the speed of precognitive thought.

Subtle Horror in a Sci Fi Pathfinder Campaign Setting?

Necropunk is a campaign scifi setting that offers a look into what it means to be human.

It is, in the strictest sense, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting set in a fantastic future where science has become indistinguishable from magic and necromancy is the flavor of the day.

Once humanity left the Solar System, our bones began to secrete an enzyme called zerostag that made our bones thought-transmissive.

1,000 years later and bones are worth their weight in gold. They are used to create powerful psycho-reactive weapons and armors, giant mecha bone golems, and to augment ships so they can react before the pilot even thinks a command!

Play as a daring grave robber and steal valuable corpses from the brutal capitalistic Necromancers' Guild's graveworlds, an honorable knife wielding Welshen qu'em with the power of the perfect martial art on his side, a hacking exile psychic with the power to take over any necrotech you come across, a political mover and shaker with a dark past, a righteous no-nonsense Sentinel officer, or maybe a 10 year old feat-swapping genius is more your style! Lets not forget the absurdist Magpies who can literally "see the flow of luck" thanks to the symbiotic relationship they have with an alien fish that lives in their stomach!

All this and so much more is tied together with exciting, thought provoking lore.

New System Additions:

9 New Base Classes with a verity of archetypes for each.

8 New Races (factions/cultures).

Over 50 new modern/scifi weapons, over 25 new armors, plus grenades and ammo types!

Over 100 new feats (including style feats and campaign traits).

The rich history of the Necropunk universe, its factions, cultures, languages, technology, and philosophies is explored.

Transhumanist body modification (40+)/necrotech rules.

Rule for scifi combat complete with zero-g combat rules!

Social combat system along with social armors.

Mundane weapon modifications/crafting rules (40+).

Phase order rules for precognitive combat!

Rules for Pathfinder conversions for the new Necropunk game mechanics.

Game mastery, character development, and sample plot hooks to run your own Necropunk game!

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