Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows (Sovereign Stone)

by Timeout Diversions

Timeout Diversions



Tags: fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows (Sovereign Stone)

Two hundred years ago, the city of Old Vinnengael was destroyed in a magical blast that killed many thousands and forever changed the lives of everyone on Loerem. Now, characters in the Pathfinder® Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting can relive the days in the legendary city before its downfall meet its people, shop in its fabulous markets, discover its treasures, and encounter its dangers.

Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows delves into the details of the city and its inhabitants, the mysteries of the city revealed in detailed maps, vibrant NPCs, and incredible places first introduced in Well of Darkness, the best-selling first novel of the Sovereign Stone trilogy written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Fully compatible with the Pathfinder® game system, the characters and events described in the pages of the novel are brought to life, including the various members of the Royal Family, including Crown Prince Helmos, the Lord of Sorrows, and Dagnarus, the Lord of the Void.

Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows is a definite must-have for any fan of the world of Sovereign Stone, or any player/GM in search of a developed, colorful city for the next adventure.