Primus (4th Edition)

by Hero Games

Hero Games



Tags: Super-Hero

Primus (4th Edition)

PRIMUS is the federal government’s response to paranormal terrorism and crime. Like its non-superpowered counterpart the FBI, PRIMUS investigates federal crimes as an arm of the Department of Justice; however, PRIMUS' jurisdiction only extends to dealing with federal crimes involving the paranormal or assisting other federal agencies when needed. PRIMUS can also be called in to advise and assist with local law enforcement investigations at their behest. PRIMUS is an emergency responder—911 dispatch operators will contact the agency when paranormals are reported or suspected to be involved. You’ll find information completely updating PRIMUS for the nineties and beyond – from a new Golden Avenger, Silver Avengers, agents, Iron Guardsmen, and the PRIME Team, to equipment, and adventures to help you get started with the United States’ response to the paranormal threat. Also included here are guidelines for playing PRIMUS agents. Whether the PCs stand behind the barrel of the blaster - or in front of it - is a decision left up to them.