Splintered Godhood

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: Any system fantasy Future Horror Modern Sci-Fi

Splintered Godhood

BREAK THE WORLD... and make it your own!

That's the idea at the heart of Splintered Godhood, a one-night, improvisational cooperative horror role-playing game for 4 to 5 mature players and one storyteller where each player plays a role in weaving a cooperative story of inverted and interwoven layers of reality within which each player is touched by the caress of infinity and eternity. With a divine spark infusing their Flesh, Voice, Will, and Awareness, they can build and twist the worlds around them, touching and overlapping them to form a malleable shared universe.

But one of the players isn't going to play fair, as unbeknownst to the others he or she takes on the roll of the Splintered Antigod, whose goal is to splinter and control every shards of divinity and reality in the game and bend the shared reality toward an apocalyptic apotheosis.

Together, you will craft a dark, strange tale of adventure, betrayal & intrigue pulled from realms yet unborn. Desire, Power and Twists guide you into an exploration of strangeness -- both internal and external -- along with the discovery of high weirdness and mad truths, horror of the unknown, and transformation into something beyond merely human. You shall become the mythos, taking on the roles of elder entities as they quarrel, boiling up as nightmares across multiple worlds and reshaping the cosmos with each lurching step.

With innovative storytelling mechanics, roles that can be tailored to tell virtually any story from the heroic to the horrible, and detailed play examples to walk you through, Splintered Godhood offers great replay value. Take a walk through the woven worlds and find an entirely new way to Make Your Game Legendary!