SSC Sagaren Troubleshooting Crew (Starfinder® Compatible)

by Dire Corgi Games

Dire Corgi Games



Tags: GM Tools Sci-Fi Starfinder

SSC Sagaren Troubleshooting Crew (Starfinder® Compatible)

Meet the Velvet Claws, whether they are the solution to all of your problems or the cause depends entirely on which side of their paycheck you’re on. A group of eccentric Sagarens, a nomadic space faring people who move about in massive colonies known as homeships, they come from a diverse set of backgrounds. Each of them brings a multitude of talents, and when needs must, firepower to a situation. Principled, they’ve even been known on rare occasions to take a job without pay if the cause is right and the accounts can support it. Whether you’re looking for some subtle work, information gathering, transporting items or people you might not want local authorities to know about or any number of other things. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if they haven’t been hired by your enemy, maybe you can hire, the Velvet Claws