Star Empires Compendium

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Star Empires Compendium

Rule the Galaxy!

The Star Empires Compendium lets your Starfinder Roleplaying Game heroes stake their claim as planetary princes and cosmic conquerors with extensive rules for founding colonies and forming an empire, with a flexible and modular system for territorial expansion on a single planet to interstellar empires that span multiple systems. From settlement modules to sprawling metropolises, balance law and corruption, industry and culture, prosperity and popularity to keep your citizens loyal and productive, engaging in trade, diplomacy, espionage, and more. Build armies and fleets to defend your shining capital or unleash mighty crusades to seize power from your rivals as you explore new worlds, uncover (or inspire) interplanetary conspiracies, and boldly gone where no one has gone before!

That's just the the beginning, as the Star Empires Compendium also brings you a wealth of advanced starship rules perfect for any Starfinder campaign, including the new invoker role for starship crews, along with new hulls, armor, weapons, defensive countermeasures, and more! Once you step off your ship, you’ll also find rich and detailed rules for creating factions and intrigue in your Starfinder campaign, from secret societies and merchant guilds to criminal gangs and mysterious cults. You also can build your own character’s persona into a personal brand, trading fame for favors and building social capital to become a legend across every quadrant of space. At a personal level, this book even contains a system for building in-depth relationships with key NPCs to enrich your character’s story and engagement with the universe they inhabit. From interstellar empires and intrigue to fame and fortune, the Star Empires Compendium has 204 pages of everything you need to Make Your Starfinder Game Legendary!