Starjammer: Medical Marvels

by Publishing Publishing



Tags: BONUS Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Sci-fi Space Starjammer

Starjammer: Medical Marvels

The Void is brighter with digital eyes!

Welcome to Starjammer: Medical Marvels!

Where does a person in the Void have to go to get the latest and greatest in upgrades? Anywhere that will take your COMET credit bracelet, that’s where! Not all upgrades or pharmaceuticals are legal so it pays to know where to go, and what you will be buying.

Welcome to Starjammer: Medical Marvels. Contained in this catalog you will find cybernetic upgrades, legal and illegal drugs and enhancements, and much more.

  • Enjoy auto-injectors that quickly deliver the medicines that you need even while you are in combat!
  • Magnetic hands make travel outside of your ship a snap. Literally!
  • Give searchers the slip with built in smuggling compartments in your cyberwear.
  • The Optional Spirit rule gives each character a new ability score that measures how well they control their cybernetics!
  • Installed too much tech? You might suffer from Cybersickness! Rules inside!
  • New Pharmaceuticals and Addiction rules!
  • Remember the awesome potion mixing charts that brought laughter and danger to any table? Pharma-Miscibility Rules are included!
  • And much more!

Starjammer: Medical Marvels is a must-have addition to your Starjammer collection and a great add-on for anyone playing the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in a science fiction setting!

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