Story Starters Fantasy: The Oracle

by Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.

Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.



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Story Starters Fantasy: The Oracle

"You stand in the presence of the wise Oracle of Amarna."

Sent to discover why the land is dry and the crops are failing, your players seek the advice of the young Oracle of Amarna. Renowned throughout the region for her soothsaying prowess, the Oracle and her aged father greet the party on a high plane in a mystic place.

The young woman falls into a deep trance and channels the spirits. Unexpectedly, the tone shifts and the message…changes.

Toxic Bag Story Starters are short audio scenes that serve to set up the beginning of your adventure and start your players on their quest. Use them to kick-start an epic campaign or just an evening's gaming.

Story Starter scenes are two to four minutes long and give the players some basic information. From there the story can go wherever you like; the details are up to you.