Synergy Fantasy

by Applied Vectors

Applied Vectors



Tags: Fantasy

Synergy Fantasy

Synergy Fantasy

This is a complete roleplaying game, and is a fantasy adaption of the Synergy game system last seen in Blue Planet v2


  • Rules for magic
  • Unique twists on familiar fantasy races
  • Bestiary
  • Fantasy equipment guide
  • Extensive setting history and mythology

Set upon the shattered continent of Chryse, this unique setting holds many dangers and a few surprises for even the most experienced adventurer. So, gather your trusted companions and set out to face the unknown!

Come along and join the Eohi warriors as they square off against the Imperial warmachines of the Dav'n for control of the plains of the Mare Kata.

See the great Imperial city of Midgard nestled within Starfall Crater, center of trade and commerce via the Midgard Channel which connects both sides of the continent, from sea to shining sea.

Bring your friends, fight some of the Vitori pirates, delve into the mysterious homeland of the Srrk. Adventure awaits!