The Barbarian Reforged

by Total Party Kill Games

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The Barbarian Reforged

Classes Reforged

The ‘Reforged' classes line explores each class in depth, amping up the fun and playability of each class so that they all feel as though they are on par with one another. We have attempted to address some of the major criticisms of each class with an effort not to make them simply more powerful, but rather more fun to play in a manner that feels more in line with their concepts.

The Barbarian Reforged

We've always loved the barbarian class. As youths we grew up on the classic Conan stories (and movies). These were definitely an inspiration for this interpretation of the barbarian class. We've taken our cues from these classic inspirations and breathed new life into the class, reforged it of steel and quenched it in blood. Within these pages you will find a new and improved barbarian class, the Cannibal archetype, 32 new barbarian feats and 15 new rage powers.

New class abilities such as Charging Strike and Danger Sense will color their play style to an even greater degree. We've also included favored class bonuses for all the expanded races. This product is 17 pages, and extensively hyperlinked to the d20pfsrd for ease of use.

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