The Fiend of Turlin’s Well: PFRPG 1st Edition Addendum

by Michael Mars Gaming

Michael Mars Gaming



Tags: Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy Pathfinder 1e

The Fiend of Turlin’s Well: PFRPG 1st Edition Addendum

This product is a conversion addendum of The Fiend of Turlin's Well by Frog God Games. That product is required to use this addendum.

A Quick Content-Warning On This One: The Fiend of Turlin’s Well is a psychological horror adventure in a swords & sorcery setting. It contains numerous gory descriptions and situations that go beyond the ordinary style of swords & sorcery fiction and are more what one would expect in horror fiction. There is a dark element in most sword & sorcery fiction, which we embrace as a part of that literary genre, but The Fiend of Turlin’s Well unquestionably crosses over from the swords & sorcery approach of “dark-by-implication” into the horror genre of “look-into-the-dark.” Many of Frog God Game's fans have asked for adventures like this one, but by the same token we don’t want to surprise or ambush fans who expect a pure swords & sorcery genre adventure. If you’re interested so far, then by all means, please read on …

The Basics

The Fiend of Turlin’s Well seems like an ordinary city adventure at the beginning, set in the Turlin’s Well District of the City of Bard’s Gate, but gets darker and stranger as events move on. An unknown troublemaker is progressing from vandalism to kidnapping to murder, and the district’s civil order starts to come unraveled as the city watch remains helpless to stop the very visible crimes. The adventure is for introductory-level characters (level 1-2), but the players should be experienced; the courses of action aren't obvious enough for beginning players.

Spoiler Alert: For the GM Only

Torad Yarog, the Fiend, is not only a doppelganger with multiple personalities, he is also the captain of an inter-dimensional ship and a favored cultist of the Demon-Princess Teratashia, Mistress of the Gaps between realities. Hunting him down leads the characters to an old manor house in the city filled with gruesome evidence of the Fiend’s crimes, and clues that allow them to pursue the truth onward to the Death-Ship of the Roach Princess