The Primordial Dancer: Creation's Muse

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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The Primordial Dancer: Creation's Muse

The Primordial Dancer: Creation's Muse

Interjection Games is proud to present its latest Patreon class release, the primordial dancer!


The primordial dancer concerns herself with the building blocks of creation. This is in direct contrast with druids and shamans, who pay deference to an oversoul of sorts built from these primal building blocks. A primordial dancer's patron has no consciousness, no mind, and no real rhyme or reason to its ends. It simply is. By mimicking the motions and vibrations used by these primal forces to weave themselves together and create the fabric of the world, a primordial dancer can weave her own reality in a comparatively microscopic sense, at least for the duration of her cantering.


Difficulty to Play (1-5): 3 Difficulty to Build (1-5): 2 Role: Primal magic bard Playstyle: With less of a support role than the bard while inhabiting the same power level design space, the primordial dancer mixes six-level casting with combo play in the form of dances, which can eventually be combined.

A primordial dancer's primary power is that of the dance. While somewhat like a bard's performance in the way it is presented, dances tend to be significantly more offensive. Each dance grants a passive ability while performed, as well as access to three active abilities. One of these actives is much like a cantrip, while the other two suck away at that dance's remaining duration to fire it off. Each dance has its own duration pool and high level primordial dancers can perform up to three of them at once. This, combined with druid spells on a bardic spell progression, allows for the riotous combination of spell effects to clear a combat in a hurry.

In short, the primordial dancer is a support chassis gone bad. While it can support, it can also ignore the party and break action economy with swift action lightning bolts and the like. Finally, if your party doesn't do what you want, you're not useless!

Product Features

  • The primordial dancer base class
  • Two archetypes: the primalist and the weaver
  • Over 10 feats
  • 36 dances in 6 subtypes, each with a passive and three active abilities, for a total of 144 abilities
  • Of the 36 dances, 6 are "tangos", which grant benefit to you and a chosen ally