The Secret of Redscar

by Pacesetter Games & Simulations

Pacesetter Games & Simulations



Tags: adventure gm tools old school Swords & Wizardry

The Secret of Redscar

Redscar was not the most notorious or successful pirate in his time so when he and his ship disappeared, few gave it consideration. But a map has come into your possession that details the location of Redscars last target a hidden temple of a forgotten sea god. Now, standing on the windswept cliffs overlooking a turbulent sea, your discerning eye has detected a cave mouth rising just above the crashing waves. Hidden inside that ominous cave is the Secret of Redscar!

The Secret of Redscar is an adventure for four to six characters of fifth to seventh level.

This module requires the use of the Swords & Wizardry game rules.