The Vauntguard

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



Tags: classes enhanced fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition player options traps

The Vauntguard

Drop Dead Studios is proud to announce their latest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class, the Vauntguard!

Located at the intersection of soldier and spy, the vauntguard is the first line of defense for a government or society; he is the troubleshooter and undercover agent, who must seek out information and neutralize deadly threats. Whether he serves a King, a secret society, or is simply a renegade working alone, vauntguards follow in the footsteps of action heroes such as James Bond, MacGyver, Jason Bourne and Solid Snake, bringing the world of empowered agents and secret missions to the Pathfinder RPG.

Whether infiltrating a cult, setting traps for his enemies, or surviving the impossible through his sheer force of personality, the vauntguard is a welcome addition to any gaming table!

(This is the first class in Drop Dead Studio's Summer Class Blitz: a series of releases every week through the months of May and June 2013, giving players and GMs everything they need to dominate their summer gaming tables in style.)