Ultimate Battle

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Ultimate Battle

Master the battlefield like never before!

This rules supplement delves into mass combat with the same verve and creativity as its companion product, Ultimate Rulership, does to the more peaceable aspects of ruling a kingdom. From advanced tactics and strategy to casualties and prisoners of war, Ultimate Battle takes you from ambush to aftermath with new systems for camouflage and scouting, casualties and prisoners of war, tactical initiative and battle zones, and commanders and mercenaries. In addition, it provides you with expansions of existing rules, including new equipment and dozens of new tactics, command boons, and creature and character special abilities help bring almost any army to life, and robust rules for battlefield conditions from terrain and weather to visibility and the fog of war. This terrific expansion to the mass combat rules found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign rulebook contains everything you need to recruit, train, equip, maintain, and unleash your armies on the battlefield like never before, with 14 brand-new tactics including Cavalry Sweep, Pike Square, and Strafing Skirmishers; 24 new command boons like Death Before Dishonor, Implacable Advance, and Master Recruiter; 21 types of army equipment from firearms to magic shields, chariots to howdahs; and 51 army special abilities, including abilities for armies comprised of PC classes.

Pick up this 38-page PDF today to bring amazing depth and dimension to mass combat in your campaign and Make Your Game Legendary!

Download includes both full-color and print-safe editions.

The PDF includes hyperlinks to the Pathfinder SRD http://www.d20pfsrd.com

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