Ultimate Battle (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy GM Tools kingdom-building mass combat Player Aids SRD Enhanced

Ultimate Battle (5E)

Ultimate Battle (5E)

Master the battlefield like never before!

This rules supplement delves into mass combat with the same verve and creativity as its companion product, Ultimate Rulership (5E) does to the more peaceable aspects of ruling a kingdom using the 5th Edition rules introduced in Kingdoms (5E). From advanced tactics and strategy to casualties and prisoners of war, Ultimate Battle provides over 100 army tactics, special abilities, command boons, and types of military equipment, from heavy armor to howdahs and screening defense to strafing skirmishers, whether you want your army to unleash a magical barrage or infiltrate the enemy like wolves in the fold. Better still, it introduces a robust abstract battlefield management system to keep the action moving and provide you an incredible variety of options for dealing with ranged and melee attack and maneuvers without getting bogged down with armies of miniatures. Ultimate Battle isn't just about what happens when armies clash; it also helps you prepare for battle with advanced rules for army recruitment and commanders, dealing with terrain, weather, and visibility, camouflage and scouting, and parleys with the enemy. In the aftermath of victory or defeat, you'll be ready to deal with fatigue and healing, along with pillaging, plunder, and prisoners of war. Whether you're using the base rules in Kingdoms or the advanced kingdom options in Ultimate Rulership (5E), your heroes can stake their claim to power in the campaign world, daring anyone to stand against the armies and tactics they command!

Pick up this fantastic 36-page 5E supplement today to bring amazing depth and dimension to mass combat in your campaign and Make Your Game Legendary!