Ultimate Relationships (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Ultimate Relationships (5E)

Rivalries, Romance, and More!

A good 5th Edition campaign, like any good story, needs conflict and antagonists to lend it immediacy and drama, but a campaign with pure conflicts, without allies, family, romances, and other connections to friendly characters, quickly grows stale. Ultimate Relationships is your ideal toolbox for developing robust and engaging relationships between your heroes and the NPCs that inhabit the world around them, making them more than just a pile of statistics or an uncaring avatar but really helping your campaign world come to life!

Ultimate Relationships provides a concise yet detailed and flexible system for building camaraderie, connecting with NPC interests, and the rewards and benefits of relationships in the game, plus a roster of six detailed archetypal character roles that you can easily drop into a game, tailor to your particular campaign flavor, or use as models to build your own relationships with unique NPCs. Relationships offer dramatic high points, but the Ultimate Relationships system also lets you play through the quieter moments of building meaningful connections that make the big moments hit even harder. It also builds on secrets that can be revealed and hurdles that can be overcome together.

Unlike other relationship systems that bottleneck on certain skills, often Diplomacy, Ultimate Relationships allows everyone to progress and reveal the NPC’s story at their own rate; it just might take some characters longer than others! When your heroes join with the important NPCs they meet to forge their personal journeys together, your 5E game will never be the same. Grab this amazing 32-page 5th Edition accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!