Untapped Classes: Life Leech

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



Tags: Class Options d20/OGL fantasy Player Options Psionics

Untapped Classes: Life Leech

Most worldthought medics are content to heal their allies when needed and only go on the offensive when necessary. Some, however, have chosen the path to enhance their ability to steal the life-force of other creatures, earning them the name Life Leeches.

The life leech revolves primarily around the steal health class feature of the worldthought medic, enhancing and expanding on the options of steal health, offering the character a variety of ways to siphon the life of an enemy and use it to aid himself and his allies.

Untapped Classes: Life Leech is a 4-level prestige class built off the worldthought medic base class. Inside this 5 page document, you will find the full Life Leech prestige class write-up, as well as a sample NPC life leech.

Untapped Classes: Life Leech is written by Jeremy Smith, with art by V. Shane.