Vindicator Base Class

by ARMR Studios

ARMR Studios



Tags: Classes Fantasy Horror Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Vindicator Base Class

Vindicator Base Class

Unleash the fury of the vindcator base class upon your foes (or upon your players). The vindicator can improve his combat prowess with the vindication class feature, which he uses to power up most of his other abilities. This is a martial class that can focus on damaging various foes at once with the use of his sacrifice ability. Chose and pick various ardor abilities as the vindicator levels up, learn to use a two-handed weapon in only one hand, and maybe even turn your other hand into a giant claw, or cover it with various tentacles.

Be careful though, many of the vindicator’s abilities rely on his HP, you might end up accidentally falling by your own hand.

A new base class brought to you by ARMR Studios. Included in this book are feats to compliment the vindicator base class, as well as favored class options.