Weekly Wonders - Capable Companions

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Weekly Wonders - Capable Companions

Ready and Willing Cohorts for Your Campaign

Cohorts, while not as important as the PCs themselves, are still important characters to any party. All too often, though, these characters end up as masses of convenient numbers and class features, lacking in personality or motivation for joining the party. While you could certainly introduce existing NPCs as cohorts, not all NPCs make for convenient cohorts.

This book provides six unique and interesting cohorts, who each not only have their own full statistics entry, but also have detailed backgrounds, information on advancing them throughout the campaign, and, in some cases, special quests that must be completed before they will join the party.

Whether you need a new cohort for your campaign and don’t want to be bothered with building them from scratch (either as a GM or as a player), want to ensure that your cohorts have some personality and flavor to liven up the game, or even just want to provide some non-cohort NPCs that can tag along with the party and make things more interesting, this book has you covered with the following cohorts.

  • Gerhim Goldwinner, Travelling Merchant
  • Olivia Shearhim, Hot-Shot Fencer
  • Haridian, Exiled Centaur
  • Jaim Caladon, Gatemaster
  • Caliassa Evermourn, Tragic Hermit
  • Cairovorhax, the Blighted Burn