Weekly Wonders - Spells of the Rebellion

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Weekly Wonders - Spells of the Rebellion

Weekly Wonders - Spells of the Rebellion

Master the Magic of the Free!

The enemies of freedom are armed to the teeth with all sorts of ways to oppress the innocent and beat down the spirit of the rebellion. Whether they use thugs and brute force to bully their victims into obedience, the lashes and chains of hells both metaphorical and literal, or magic that can break the mind, strip away the self, and force anyone to kneel before their tyrannical might, these callous oppressors cannot be tolerated, but standing up to them requires that those brave heroes willing to do so have an arsenal of their own.

This book contains 22 spells, all of which are thematically linked to rebellions, freedom-fighters, and all those who stand up against the forces of oppression. Within this book, you will find

Useful spells for covert action, including a cantrip that allows you to alter your clothing’s appearance, and a more powerful spell that lets you conceal your memories.

Spells that turn the weapons of the oppressors against them, transforming shackles and chains into powerful weapons in the hands of those they once bound, and turning minions against their master.

Spells that can help push an angry crowd over the threshold into taking action, and spells that can help bring new allies together in bonds of comradery.

…and much more!