5th Edition Racial Options - Gnolls!

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



5th Edition Racial Options - Gnolls!

Fat Goblin Games presents... 5th Edition Racial Options - Gnolls!

Best-selling DMSGuild author Tony Petrecca (Journey Through the Center of the Underdark Volumes 1 and 2!) is at it again with another book in our popular 5th Edition Races line! This time out... Gnolls!

Gnolls are a horrific predatory race of hyena-like humanoids bent on pillage and destruction. They prey on the weak, using overwhelming odds and fiendish fury to wreak havoc where they may.

Explore the world of 5th Edition Fantasy Gnolls and find out all you need to know to bring these popular brutes out of the bestiary and on to your game table as a playable race.

What does this book have to offer?

  • Subraces like the Abyssal Gnoll, Clan Gnoll, and the FLIND!
  • New Weapons such as the flindbar!
  • Two new magical items, the Howling Flail and Blood Fangs!