5th Edition Racial Options - Goblins!

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



5th Edition Racial Options - Goblins!

Fat Goblin Games presents... 5th Edition Racial Options - Goblins!

Best selling author Tony Petrecca is at it again with another book in our popular 5th Edition Races line! This time out... its Goblins!

Goblins are the smallest of the goblinoids, a family of related humanoids that includes the larger Hobgoblins and Bugbears. Goblin's small stature and typical lack of initiative mans they are frequently bullied into service to their larger goblinoid cousins. But some dare for a different life...

Explore the world of 5th Edition Fantasy Goblins and find out all you need to know to bring these popular mischief makers out of the bestiary and on to your game table as a playable race.

What does this book have to offer?

  • Learn more about your these vile and malicious creatures!
  • Explore your subraces! Nimblefoot, Wolf Master, and Rat Shaman!
  • Deploy amazing magic items like the Cloak of the Rat, Enchanted Collars and more!