5th Edition Racial Options - Kitsune!

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



5th Edition Racial Options - Kitsune!

Fat Goblin Games presents... 5th Edition Racial Options - Kitsune!

Naturalist. Spiritualist. Mischievous. Noble. These are just some of the ways to describe the mysterious fox-people known as Kitsune. Now you can take kitsune out of the pages of legend and bring them to the world's oldest roleplaying game with 5th Edition Races – Kitsune!

  • Learn how they interact with other races!
  • Explore the Red, Brown, and White Kitsune sub-races! Each has their own individual flavor and bring new options to the gaming table!
  • New Feats to expand your options like Superior Shapechanging, Secret Keeper, and Fox Magic!
  • New Spells and Magical items enhance your Kitsune with the power of forgetfulness. Or try your hand at mystical origami with the Origami Token!

Bring these spiritual masters to your table today and open up whole new options of adventure with 5th Edition Races: Kitsune!