Achievement Feats


Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.

Format: PDF

Achievement Feats

50 feats for your Pathfinder PC!

Achievement feats allow your character to grow his abilities as a direct result of his actions during a campaign. In order to qualify for these feats, he must first achieve a specific goal or set of goals that requires you to play him in a certain way or track certain elements of game play. Achievement feats may require a little more PC planning on your part but the rewards are well worth the extra effort. With the Beacon of Life achievement feat, for example, you must track the damage your channeling PC inflicts upon undead but, once a certain threshold is crossed, he can damage undead just by being near them!

This pdf is written by Mark Gedak and Stefen Styrsky (Purple Duck Games) and includes a free offering from the fantastic Grand OGL Wiki website ( called "Suliawa, the Twisted Forest."