Against the Darkness

by Tabletop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures



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Against the Darkness

Do you have what it takes to stand Against the Darkness? Find out in Tabletop Adventures' exciting game of modern Vatican horror, conspiracy and investigation in which demons, ghosts and vampires exist to torment and feed upon an unprepared humanity. The only defense is a small and steadily shrinking cadre of holy defenders. The heroes can be Modern Templars, Treasure Seekers, Dispassionate Experts, Sacred Hunters, Blessed Non-believers or others, who face unspeakable evil with only faith, knowledge, and miraculous powers to keep them alive. Despite these powers, combat with a true demon is a terrifying proposition. Death, crippling injury and insanity are all more-than-likely outcomes of a mission.

This simple, easy-to-learn roleplaying game from Tabletop Adventures will suit the needs of both experienced roleplayers looking for the thrill of demon-hunting and atmospheric horror and players looking for an accessible system in which to learn the art of the game.

Against the Darkness allows you to dance upon the edge of the abyss and attempt to drive the darkness back into its depths. This product contains everything you need to understand the rules, create characters and begin playing. Sample and blank character sheets are included, as well as basic information on campaign design and various campaign types that can be run in this system. Whether you are looking for a horror adventure, a running-battle style action campaign, a campaign of terror and intrigue or a more light-hearted adventure, you can find it here.

This electronic product has been updated to include refinements from the second printing of Against the Darkness.

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