Assassin Techniques - The Integration Cold Tech Tree

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Assassin Techniques - The Integration Cold Tech Tree

Blend into society with the Integration cold technique tree!

Interjection Games' assassin (nominated for Endzeitgeist's top 10 products of 2016) is a hybrid "momentum" class. A momentum class builds up something akin to combo points by performing various small techniques, which it can then spend as currency to power medium and large abilities. This offers significantly more granularity than similar systems, as some techniques spend 1 point, others up to 4, and still others have addons or other sliding scale mechanisms that makes their point cost a conscious choice of the player. As a hybrid, the assassin's techniques are split into hot and cold categories. Hot techniques use the aforementioned combo point system, cold techniques draw from a ki-style technique pool, and some lukewarm techniques can draw from combo points or the technique pool.

This expansion introduces the integration cold technique tree, which focuses on blending into society, establishing an inner circle of friends and allies, and mental conditioning that helps you live with the fact that you kill people for a living.


  • Civilian Contacts - Create one of 11 types of NPC in a town. This NPC is your ally and will help you with jobs in that town. For every four integration techniques you know, gain another NPC.
  • Contact Shuffle - One of your ally NPCs can move to a new town every 3 months.
  • Cover Story - Learn a little magic to help conceal your identity.
  • Crazy Eyes - Demoralize creatures with the Intimidate skill as a swift action.
  • Deadened Nerves - You've seen it all. Fear is nothing.
  • Investigate Mark - Declare a creature to be your mark, gaining temporary technique points that can only be used against it. At high level, you gain more temporary technique points that can only be used against a close companion of the mark, such as a hound, bodyguard, or spouse.
  • Killer's Ritual - Protect yourself from a single alignment.
  • Memento - Take souvenirs from your kills, making resurrection difficult and notifying you immediately if resurrection is successful.
  • Paladin Proofing - Hide your alignment, and set up a false alignment that fools divination magic, as well as spells that affect certain alignments differently.
  • Plan B - If your forgeries are detected, they explode as explosive runes.
  • Silver-tongued Rogue - Gain a sizable luck bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate.
  • Sweep the Room - Take 20 on a Perception check made to search a room as a full-round action.
  • The Watson - One of your civilian contacts is actually an assassin with an opposing build. For example, if you are an acupressure/execution/integration/intuition assassin, then your contact is an initiation/magehunting/infiltration/poison assassin. Your "Watson" will adventure with you in his home town.
  • Unfazed by Death - Immunity to sickening from scents and gory sights
  • Unfazed by Foulness - Immunity to inhaled poisons and SR 10 + level against death spells