Bloodlines - New Options for Sorcerers


Adamant Entertainment

Format: PDF

Bloodlines - New Options for Sorcerers

Adamant Entertainment, the first Pathfinder Roleplaying Game support publisher, marks our return to the game with Bloodlines: New Options for Sorcerers.

The sorcerer bloodlines in the Pathfinder RPG rulebook allow great variety within a single class. Yet, the bloodlines only hint at the differences that might exist among sorcerers. Not all undead are the same. Good and evil outsiders range beyond devils and angels. Some aberrations display a variety of powers that include abilities not all similar to those in the core rulebook.

This supplement allows players to create a sorcerer based on a bloodline derived from a specific creature such as a naga or efreeti, rather than a general celestial, infernal, abyssal or aberrant heritage. Two monstrous humanoid bloodlines, doppelganger and medusa, and a treant bloodline are also included. A total of 13 new sorcerous bloodlines are featured, along with four new Feats useful to any sorcerer character.