Book of Putrescence

by BloomFilm, LLC.

BloomFilm, LLC.



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Book of Putrescence

Book of Putrescence

Bloom is a feature film in which Lily (Deann Baker) wakes up in a bloody motel bathroom with fuzzy memories of the previous night. As she copes with her trauma and struggles to figure out what happened, she begins changing into something inhuman.

The Bloom Role-Playing Game, published in association with Aegis Studios, allows players to step into the world of Bloom and explore the themes introduced in the film.

The Book of Putrescence, is a collection of system options for use with the Bloom Role-Playing Game, including new systems for Putrescence and Redemption, five new Vampiric Feats and six new Putrescent Feats!

All this for ONLY $1.00!

The Book of Putrescence is written and developed by Travis Legge.

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