Caneis: The Triumphant World





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Caneis: The Triumphant World

Enter the verdant and violent world of Caneis. This first entry to the animesque, technomagic themed setting for Pathfinder sets the stage on the southern continent of Arkady.

The lush forests of Delphinee were once home to a peaceful Elven Empire, but when the trees grew tall enough to blot out the sun, madness and revolution overtook them. Their arrogance given predatory expression in the form of the Hulder, they now aim to fiercely subdue all they survey. Now the Sky Dwarves in their sky-cities turn to an unlikely, unpredictable ally - humanity.

The Jonagites, descendants of an ancient adventuring party, return to Arkady bearing the secrets of the mysterious First Race after nearly 800 years of isolation. Both they, and their former home, are unrecognizable.

Orcs who fight for truth, redemption and justice in the name of an alien god. A Dwarven people divided between earth and sky. Elves in exile, harried by the rest of civilization and the predators who claim to be the pinnacle of Elven evolution.

All this and more in The Triumphant World of Caneis! You're cordially invited.

Two new playable races: the beastly but beautiful Hulder of Delphinee, and the birth-cursed, technologically-inclined nomadic Jonagites.

Three new playable classes: The tragic, spell-sundering Severist, the geometric Ur-conductor, and the medically-gifted Warsurgeon. (See also: The Gearhead Summoner archetype! Build your own eidolon in a cave, with a box of scraps!)

A pantheon of twelve new gods and higher powers including Momuonekosa (The Cat Who Treads On Starlight) Fel Fenra (The Twice-Divine) and Na-voren (World-Breaker, The Hundredfold God.

A host of feats, styles, weapons, traits, and even sports for your gaming pleasure.

100% Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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