Classes of NeoExodus: Mythic Machinesmith (PFRPG)


Louis Porter Jr. Design

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Classes of NeoExodus: Mythic Machinesmith (PFRPG)

Technology and science are still quite young disciplines in worlds where magic has done all the functions normally fulfilled by technology. However, circumstance, discovery, and culture can all contribute to grand leaps in scientific and magical knowledge—and from these leaps, the futurists rise above all else.

For the futurist, all that can possibly be achieved with the right knowledge and tools becomes reality. That which appears to be magic is broken down into individual processes and formulae, which are then used to harness immense power without the need for years of magical training or the patronage of alien forces outside reality. The futurist challenges common understanding and prejudices on an esoteric level. A futurist does not merely use technology to improve everyday life; they use technology to delve into the very foundations of reality, to find the essence of the divine, to discover those things no man or god could dream up. This product includes:

  • All new Mythic Path: Futurist
  • All new Futurist Features: Futurist Revelation:, Path Ability, Ascendant Visionary
  • Over 25 new 1st-Tier Futurist Path Abilities including Additional Revelation, Deific Disdain, Legendary Gunsmith and Tools of the Gods
  • Over 5 new 6th-Tier Futurist Path Abilities including Grey Goo and Technological Singularity
  • Over 5 new Mythic Feats including Mythic Craft Cybernetics and Mythic Technologist
  • Over 5 New Augmented Spells including Mythic Guardian Drone and Mythic Pocket Army
  • New Monster: Mythic Ironforged