Open Gaming Monthly #5

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Open Gaming Monthly #5

Open Gaming Monthly is your Premier source for all NEW content, articles, and news for your favorite Open Gaming Systems, including the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Swords & Wizardry, Mutants & Masterminds, and more.

Incredible cover art by Caio Monteiro!

Adventures In Dinner

"Mostly-Make-Ahead Cobb-Style Salad" by Nicole Lindroos.

Putting the Legend in Legendary Evil

Joshua Jenkins gives you some insight on how to make your villains more awesome. In this issue, Open Gaming Monthly takes a long, hard look at the Hero and the legends surrounding this glorious title.

Legendary Foes

A few nasties from the new "Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes" by Jon Brazer Enterprises including the CR 15 Blightrat, CR 18 Lava Worm, CR 22 Serretaur Qlippoth, and CR 24 Vemiurge!

Old School Department! Magic Items for Labyrinth Lord!

Who doesn't need more magic items? Derek M. Holland has hundreds for you to hand over to your players after they slay your naughty monsters!

Luck of the Draw: New Drawbacks for your Pathfinder Character

Taylor Hubler explores some new drawbacks for your characters, including Afraid of Heights, Chronic Pain, Dangerously Curious, Incomprehensible Accent, and many more.

Behind the Spells: Meteor Swarm

Behind the Spells has been a long-running series but you needn't have read any previous issues to enjoy this one. Essentially, BtS tracks a spell from its 1e origins to its 3.5e status, which is where Bret Boyd believes that 'canon' of the game's original spells ends. Changes to a spell throughout the game's editions inspire the backstory and make for great adventure hooks for a GM while providing exciting new crunch for players in the form of tweaks to the spell and new magics inspired by the backstory.

Open Gaming Monthly's Guide to Sidekicks

Every great hero needs a great sidekick, and Frank Gori explains how to make them shine! This article introduces several types of sidekicks including the Exuberant Youth, the Rambling Sage, the Redemption Seeker, and several more. It also includes new traits and drawbacks as well!

Weapons of Renown

Amazing heroes have weapons with the same rich history and legends, brought to you by Lucus Palosaari. The power of renown is not magical in nature. Instead it is more about belief; belief in oneself, belief in legends and lore, belief in the power of an object. That power is related to religious faith but does not come from the gods. Instead it flows from people wielding the weapons and listening to their stories.

The Good, The Bad, The Henchmen

Memorable NPC's for the busy GM including "Lord Michael the Betrayer" (male human fighter 4/paladin 9), and "Alis, Scout-Maiden" (female human ranger 8) by regular editor Matt Medeiros!

MORE Old School Department! The Dragon Cemetery

Jordi Diest (also known as El Dado Inquieto) has a sinister location for your Labyrinth Lord heroes! Includes treasure such as four types of dragon eggs and dragon-themed special abilities for the denizens lurking within this foul lair.

Guide to Minotaurs

Jason Stoffa & Rick Hershey bring you the minotaur as a new player race including new traits, alternate racial abilities, favored class options, feats, magic items, and more!

Unbalanced Party

Lee Newman has a humorous tale for your enjoyment involving dwarves, magic, and treasure.

The Optimal Path: Mammoth Rider

No one can show you the best way to build awesome characters like the one-and-only long-time contributor Tyler Beck. This month's focus of optimization is the Mammoth Rider Prestige Class!