Dept. 7 Firearms Training Academy

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: d20/OGL equipment feats Modern sci-fi

Dept. 7 Firearms Training Academy

The Dept. 7 Firearms Training Academy is a sourcebook for d20 Modern that provides players and GMs with options for developing the shooting skills of their characters. While melee combat is a common occurrence in the modern world, it is a character's skill with firearms that will truly mean the difference between life and death. The world is full guns and most of your serious opponents are going to be armed with some form of personal firearm, if not military-grade weapons. However, you should never forget that having a gun and knowing how to use it are two different things. A character who can't hold his own in a gunfight isn't going to last long in this dangerous world we live in. Whether you're facing down a heavily-armed SWAT team, a gang of crazed drug dealers or a highly-trained terrorist cell, you'll feel better if you know that you have the edge. Included in this PDF are twenty-one new gun-related feats and a new five-level "Gun-FU Trainee" advanced class! The Feats:

  1. Close Quarter Combat Shot
  2. Cover Area
  3. Cover Fire
  4. Disable Firearm
  5. Disarming Shot
  6. Fancy Shoot'n
  7. Grazing Shot
  8. Hand loader
  9. Knee Cap
  10. New York Reload
  11. Mexican Standoff
  12. Mozambique Drill
  13. Move Object Shot
  14. One-Handed Reload
  15. Raised Around Guns
  16. Six-Gun Throw Down
  17. Stand and Deliver
  18. Trigger Control
  19. Two-Gun Mastery
  20. Up Close and Personal
  21. Warning Shot