Dungeonlands: Isle of the Frog God (Pathfinder)


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Dungeonlands: Isle of the Frog God (Pathfinder)

Dungeonlands: Isle of the Frog God (Pathfinder)

Pirates, a storm, a shipwreck on a mysterious island... oh, and a demonic frog who considers himself a god. Good luck with that.

Guest writer David Jarvis presents an alternate opening for the Dungeonlands trilogy, crossing over from his swords-and-sorcery Totems of the Dead setting.

Dangers abound where you hear the angel's song. It's time to face the music!

These 15th level characters are designed to be a party of dungeon delvers in the Dungeonlands trilogy, but they can be player (or non-player) characters in any Suzerain setting you like. You'll want a copy of Totems of the Dead to make the most of this book.