Dungeonlands: Penny Dreadful (Pathfinder)


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Dungeonlands: Penny Dreadful (Pathfinder)

Dungeonlands: Penny Dreadful (Pathfinder)

You know you're having a bad day when your airship gets ripped across the universe and crash-lands on the deathtrap island of the Lich Queen. One minute you're flying above Mechadia in the Dreamlands, and the next a dreamstorm tosses you into an isolated pocket realm from which no one has ever escaped!

Guest writers Jeff Houser and Michelle Klein Houser present an alternate opening for the Dungeonlands trilogy from the steampunk fey realm of Mechadia (coming to Pathfinder in 2016 under the title Clockwork Dreams).

Load the blunderbus, draw your cutlass and pour the tea. It's time for adventure!

Inside you'll find not only four 15th level pre generated characters and an introductory adventure, but also an array of new steampunk gear for you to use!

While these heroes are designed to be a party of dungeon delvers in the Dungeonlands trilogy, they can be player (or non-player) characters in any Suzerain setting you like.