Four Horsemen Present: Venerable Character Options


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Four Horsemen Present: Venerable Character Options

In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games, the Four Horsemen bring you their latest release!

With age comes Wisdom. And Intelligence. But Constitution goes out the door…

Many of the iconic heroes of fantasy literature are extremely elderly, from the long-bearded wizard to the aging vampire-hunter and the wizened wise-woman. Being at the extremes of age brings many physical limitations, but it’s also worth remembering an elderly adventurer has already survived thigns the young can’t even imagine.

Four Horsemen Present: Venerable Character Options discusses both the challenges and opportunities that adding an elderly character to a campaign bring about. Issues such as ageism, frailty, and motivations are examined, and venerable characters for nonhuman races are discussed. Age-related traits can affect how an older character thinks, sleeps, and prioritizes problems. Venerable character feats represent the breadth of experience than only the truly old can claim. And a new prestige class, the ancient sensei, allows the oldest characters to master tricks that will amaze the youngest heroes for decades to come.

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