Lands of Theia World Primer

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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Lands of Theia World Primer

In the Lands of Theia, adventure never waits.

Welcome to the world primer for the first campaign setting that details the shattered worlds for Pathfinder 1st Edition. Magical sky races, volcanic jungles, steam-powered metropolises, and continent-spanning cave networks are only some of the wonders that await adventurers in this fantasty realm.

The options presented herein allow players to build memorable characters in Theia. Gamemasters will enjoy a first look at the world and its many varied people, while spotlights and story hooks act as windows through which we introduce plots to help jumpstart a game or expanded upon in future adventure paths.


This primer includes a truncated set of playable options to help show off what Lands of Theia has to offer. In addition to the 3 classes mentioned above, you'll find brief summaries of how the core races are represented on this world. If you want something a little different, we also included stats for playable gnolls, whose roll in this world is quite interesting. Archetypes and other character options round out the player section with ways to enjoy something you're familiar with in a different flavor.

For gamemasters, we offer a look at what the world itself is like, including an in depth spread of information detailing the country of Wutente to help them begin a campaign in Theia.