Little Spaces: Dinner Guests


Moebius Adventures

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Little Spaces: Dinner Guests

Little Spaces: Dinner Guests offers a collection of five tables to inspire more evocative descriptions of dinner guests at important social events the PCs may encounter. Whether there is fantastic food and entertainment, political intrigue, or simple revelry, you never know exactly who might be interesting to chat with at a party. Now you can come up with tons of potential guests to explore, whether your game is set in a fantasy world or not.

For instance, your party may be attending a local fair hosted by the Mayor. Each year he has a meal with a randomly selected group of people from town. And this year, it was young Master Miles...

"(Male/Smell/Laborer/Weak) Miles, a new addition to the local leather-worker's trade is a fine lad, but always reeks of tanning solutions. The Mayor is doing his best not to hold his breath during dinner, while poor Miles is looking a bit ill after a few too many mugs of ale..."

Thousands of possible combinations will inspire an insane number of adventurous encounters and hidden dangers. Your players may wonder if you were a party planner in a former lifetime...

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