Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector

by Gypsy Knights Games

Gypsy Knights Games



Tags: Sci-Fi

Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector

Bring 'em back alive!

With the many independent governments of Clement Sector, it is necessary to have a method to capture criminals who take advantage of the lack of a ruling interstellar polity and go on the run from justice. For most governments in Clement Sector, the answer is the manhunter.

Manhunters include those who have dedicated their lives to tracking down criminals on the run, average ship crews who see an opportunity in being the person to bring in a wanted criminal for a bounty, bail enforcement agents and marshals who work for a single government or corporation, thieftakers that work for aggrieved families in finding justice, repossession agents who recover stolen property and capture ships from captains who are behind on their payments, altrant and uplift hunters who operate on the fringe of society capturing those who have escaped their "owners" and made it to freedom, and the skiptracers whose research and dedication can aid all of the above.

Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector covers all of these and delves deeply into the laws, regulations and traditions of manhunters in the Clement Sector setting. This book includes eight career tracks as well to allow characters to delve into the world of justice and recovery.

While specifically geared for the Clement Sector setting, the information, corporations, characters, and careers contained within could easily be used with any other Cepheus Engine or 2d6 SF setting.

So get this book and get out there and catch some criminals and bring them back alive (or not)!