Monsters of NeoExodus: Caliban

by Louis Porter Jr. Design

Louis Porter Jr. Design



Monsters of NeoExodus: Caliban

Their eyes are as black as the darkest, starless night and their muscular body and skin in a direct contrast being stark white. Their lips often covered in humanoid blood, conceal teeth that have been filed and shaped into fine points, like those of a shark. A mere moment before you see the creature attack you, the putrid smell of rancid humanoid flesh invades your nostrils. The stench on the humanoids clothes a mixture of blood, sweat, and decaying flesh is enough to make anyone retch and vomit. Those who come in contact with these creatures know who they are, even when they cannot see them. These savages call themselves the calibans.

This supplement includes:
  • New monsters the Caliban and Caliban Headtaker
  • Rules for creating Caliban as characters,
  • Caliban feats including Consume Heart and Filthy Beast
  • Background and history of the Caliban
  • Fleshweaver Counters
  • Initiative and Monster Cards